It has been just over a week since hundreds of TV and movie lovers came together to meet their heroes along with meeting other like-minded people. There were stars from a variety of shows and films including Arrow , Torchwood and Guardians of the Galaxy.  On the Sunday, their was a Captain America panel featuring fan favourite Hayley Atwell also known as Agent Carter in the Captain America films and the show of same name. The man of many roles; Stanley Tucci known for his role as DR. Abraham Erskine in Captain America The First Avenger also joined. During the panel there was a lot of discussion on what it was like for the pair to work on the film together. It was also interesting to hear that when they filmed Winter Soldier they had to edit out pictures of Peggy’s husband because they had just used an extra. Marvel are yet to say for sure who he is.

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For many fans something that was still very heavy on their minds was the cancellation of Agent Carter last year. The biggest thing that came from Hayley herself,  was that despite wanting do both Conviction and Agent Carter the network did not  allow both. According to Atwell they wanted to put her in something more mainstream.. which backfired after Conviction was also recently cancelled after one season. Despite this, it appears Atwell is still very eager to be Peggy again, describing that the show writers already had plans for the third season. She also expressed that she would love to see Peggy and her style grow across the years.


There could still be hope for the show and the fans, the show has a huge fan following online. Who have been campaigning from the moment the show got cancelled from petition, social media pages and the #SaveAgentCarter hashtag which Hayley herself is very aware of, stating that she is “greatful for the fans.” With Peggy having a recent cameo in Ant-Man and mentions in Agents of Shield it appears there still hope, in Hayley Atwell’s words; “Peggy is the gift that keeps on giving.”

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